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Field Meeting Reports
  • Report on the Spring Field Meeting at Ludlow, 2007 : Chilopoda – A.D.Barber download here
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  • Report on the Autumn Meeting in the Oban area, 2007: Chilopoda – A.D.Barber download here
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Field meeting reports
  • Report on the 2006 BMIG meeting in Ayrshire – G.M. Collis download here
Book Review
  • Atlas of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Britain and Ireland by P. Lee – G.B. Corbet
Short communications
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Field meeting reports
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Miscellanea download here

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Field meeting report
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Short communications: Interesting records download here
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Short communications: Observations download here
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Field meeting reports
Miscellanea - download here
  • The Dr Edward Eason collection; Boarded by centipedes

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Field meeting reports
Miscellanea download here
  • A blue example of Necrophloeophagus flavus (De Geer); Systemic reaction to a Lithobius forficatus bite; Geophilus osquidatum in Kent; Centipedes from caves; Hothouse inhabitants wanted; Myriapod Memoranda