Friday, 31 December, 2021

Davies, Garwood, McMahon, Schneider and Shillito (2021). The largest arthropod in Earth history: insights from newly
discovered Arthropleura remains (Serpukhovian Stainmore Formation, Northumberland, England).

Journal of the Geological Society, 21 December 2021,
Tuesday, 21 December, 2021

Most myriapodologists will know of Illacme plenipes with 750 legs as being the millipede with most legs. Until now that is. Eumillipes persephone Marek 2021 (Polyzoniida, Siphonotidae, Rhinotini) with 1306 legs has just been described in the following paper:

Marek1, P.E., Buzatto, B.A., Shear, W.S., Means, J.C., Black, D.G., Harvey, M.S. and Rodriguez, J. 2021. The first true millipede—1306 legs long. Scientific Reports 11:23126:1-8.

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Tuesday, 20 October, 2015

Christian Owen has found another species of millipede new to Britain. For some execellent images see BMIG's Facebook page.  It's identity is currently unknown, but it is rather like a large Brachychaeteuma melanops, with long stout setae and well developed paranota.  Now we just have to work out what it is!