Millipede Checklist

Bmig Taxonomy: 

Nomenclature follows Lee, P. (2006) Atlas of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Britain and Ireland. Pensoft.

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Millipedes of Britain and Ireland: systematic check list

Subclass Penicillata
Order Polyxenida
Family Polyxenidae
Subclass Chilognatha
SuperOrder Oniscomorpha
Order Glomerida
Family Glomeridae
Family Doderiidae
SuperOrder Colobognatha
Order Polyzoniida
Family Siphonotidae
Family Polyzoniidae
Order Siphonophorida
Family Siphonophoridae
SuperOrder Nematophora
Order Chordeumatida
Family Anthogonidae
Family Anthroleucosomatidae
Family Brachychaeteumatidae
Family Craspedosomatidae
Family Haaseidae
Family Haplobainosomatidae
Family Opisthocheiridae
Family Vandeleumatidae
Family Chordeumatidae
SuperOrder Merocheta
Order Polydesmida
Family Chelodesmidae
Family Paradoxosomatidae
Family Polydesmidae
Family Haplodesmidae
Family Pyrgodesmidae
Family Macrosternodesmidae
Family Oniscodesmidae
SuperOrder Juliformia
Order Spirobolida
Family Spirobolellidae
Family Pseudospirobolellidae
Order Julida
Family Blaniulidae
Family Nemasomatidae
Family Julidae