Distribution Atlases

The most recent distribution atlases (which may be purchased online) are listed below.  Several earlier atlases, mostly superseded, are freely available online as pdf. See Resources > Online Resources > woodlice & waterlice and millipedes & centipedes tabs.


The New Centipede Atlas in progress and is due to be published in the next year.


Currently, Barber & Keay, 1988 (Provisional atlas of the centipedes of the British Isles) is the most up-to-date centipede atlas.

Woodlice & waterlice

Woodlice and Waterlice (Isopoda: Oniscidea & Asellota) in Britain and Ireland

Steve Gregory

Published in 2009

Includes a detailed account for each species, plus distribution maps, colour photos of many species, identification tips, bibliography, index. 
ISBN 978-0-9557672-8-9, 176pp, 39 colour photos, 53 black and white maps. 
Published by the Field Studies Council of behalf of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Biological Records Centre.
This publication is available to purchase from the Field Studies Council.


Atlas of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Britain and Ireland

Paul Lee

Published in 2006

Publisher:   Pensoft Publishers
P-ISBN hardback: 9789546422774 or  P-ISSN:   1312-0174
Short description:   216 pages. With a contribution from Paul T. Harding.  Photographs by Steve Hopkin. Species descriptions, maps, color photos of many species, bibliography, index.

AtlasAtlas of European Millipedes (Class Diplopoda), Volume 1: Orders Polyxenida, Glomerida, Platydesmida, Siphonocryptida, Polyzoniida, Callipodida, Polydesmida

by R.D. Kime & H. Enghoff

Published in 2011

Publisher:   Pensoft Publishers
P-ISBN hardback:   9789546425782
Short description: 282 pages. Full colour photo, maps, index, rich bibliography. Includes British & Irish species.

Atlas of European Millipedes (Class Diplopoda), Volume 2: Order Julida (Class Diplopoda)

by R.D. Kime & H. Enghoff

Published in 2017 in European Journal of Taxonomy, 346: 1-299.

Available on-line - download pdf here.
For each of the 593 species of the millipede order Julida known from Europe, available information on taxonomy, distribution and habitat is summarized, and the distribution in 50 × 50 km UTM squares is shown on a map.