Promoting the study of Centipedes, Millipedes and Woodlice in Britain and Ireland

British Myriapod and Isopod Group (BMIG) aims to actively develop identification, training and recording relevant to improving the knowledge and conservation of centipedes, millipedes, pauropods & symphylans (Myriapoda) and woodlice, waterlice  & intertidal isopods (Isopoda) in Britain and Ireland.

Recording Schemes

The group is responsible for four National Recording Schemes, one each for centipedes, millipedes, woodlice & waterlice and intertidal marine isopods


The BMIG Newsletter is produced twice a year and the more formal BMIG Bulletin is published annually.

Field Meetings

We hold an annual field meeting to which all are welcome, beginners and experts alike.
  • Photo: Ed Hardy, Lamyctes emarginatus.
  • Photo: Warren Maguire, Armadillidium pulchellum.
  • Photo: Bryan Formstone, Schendyla nemorensis.
  • Photo: Christian Owen, Haplophthalmus cf montivagus ~ female.
  • Photo: Liam Olds, Turdulisoma cf turdulorum.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Mecistocephalus guldingii ~ Eden.
  • Photo: Roy Anderson, Acaeroplastes melanurus - Howth Head.
  • Photo: Andy Marquis, Chaetophiloscia cellaria ~ female.
  • Photo: Christian Owen, Cylindroiulus sagittarius ~ south Wales.
  • Photo: Nicola Garnham, Boreoiulus tenuis.
  • Photo: Nigel Patridge, Scutigera coleoptrata ~ Bucks.
  • Photo: J.P. Richards, Polydesmus barberii.
  • Photo: J.P. Richards, Metaiulus pratensis.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Pseudotyphloscia cf alba.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Turdulisoma cf turdulorum - south Wales.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Cylindroiulus pyrenaicus - South Wales.
  • Photo: Stewart Bevan, Lithobius melanops.
  • Photo: Warren Maguire, Oritoniscus flavus.
  • Photo: Christian Owen, Ommatoiulus moreleti ~ habitus.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Lamyctes caeculus.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Reductoniscus costulatus ~ Berks.
  • Photo:, Choneiulus palmatus male - detail of 'cheek' and body setae.
  • Photo: J.P. Richards, Polyxenus lagurus.
  • Photo: Steve Trewhella, Ligia oceanica - in Periwinkle shell.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Ophyilus germanicus male ~ Oxford city.
  • Photo: Steve Trewhella, Halophiloscia couchii.
  • Photo: J.P. Richards, Hylebainosoma nontronensis - Bargoed, South Wales.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Armadillidium album.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Armadillidium pulchellum.
  • Photo: Keith Lugg, Oxidus gracilis - Eden Project.

BMIG Bursaries

BMIG Bursaries have been introduced to help towards the costs of attending the annual field meetings. More information here.

Species information

There is a page for each British and Irish species of centipede, millipede, woodlouse and waterlouse (including the terrestrial landhopper) and intertidal marine isopods. The aim is to include a brief account for each species, including distribution map, images, and identification hints.


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BMIG ~ Latest Newsletters, Bulletins, Field Meetings, etc.

Marine (Intertidal) Isopod Recording Scheme ~ now revitalised and up and running ~ Details here.

Newsletter 41 (Autumn 2020) ~ Now availabe ~ Download your copy from your Resources page.

20th Annual General Meeting (2020) was held via Zoom on December 5th ~ Minutes here.
Bulletin 32 (2020) ~ Now published ~ View or download as pdf from your Resources page.

2020 Field Meeting ~ in Somerset ~ details and booking form (please book by 24th Feb)  ~ see your Meetings page. Cancelled.

Review of conservation status published (2015) ~ centipedes, millipedes & woodlice ~ Download from your Conservation page