BMIG Bulletin Volume 25 (2011)

  • Notes on authorship, type material and current systematic position of the diplopod taxa described by Hilda K. Brade-Birks and S. Graham Brade-Birks – Graham S. Proudlove download here
  • Myriapodological resources in the Manchester Museum – Graham S. Proudlove and Dmitri Logunov download here
  • Armadillidium depressum Brandt, 1833 climbing trees in Dorset – Keith N.A. Alexander download here
  • The Cryptops species from a Welsh greenhouse collected by I.K. Morgan with a description of a problematic specimen of a species new to the British Isles (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha: Cryptopidae) – John G.E. Lewis download here
  • The shape of the last legs of Schendyla nemorensis (C.L. Koch) (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha) – Angela M. Lidgett download here
  • An indoor record of Lithobius melanops Newport, 1845 from the Falkland Islands – A.D. Barber download here
  • Henia vesuviana (Newport) (Dignathodontidae), the latest addition to aliens at Mount Stewart, Co. Down, Ireland – Roy Anderson download here
  • Thereuonema tuberculata (Wood, 1863), a scutigeromorph centipede from China, found in a warehouse at Swindon – A.D. Barber download here
Short Communications
  • Geophilus seurati from core samples in muddy sand from the Hayle Estuary, Cornwall – Phil Smith & A.D. Barber download here
  • Lithobius forficatus (Linn., 1758) with apparently massive scar tissue on damaged forcipules – A.D. Barber download here
  • A further greenhouse record of Lithobius lapidicola Meinert, 1872 – A.D. Barber download here
Field meeting reports
  • Swansea March 2008: Combined report – Ian Morgan download here
  • Hawarden April 2010: Centipedes, Woodlice & Waterlice – A.D. Barber & Steve Gregory download here
  • Kintyre September 2010: Centipedes – A.D. Barber download here
  • Casimir Albrecht Willem (Cas) Jeekel; Bhaskar EknathYadav
Book reviews
  • Centipedes; Key to the identification of British centipedes; Millipedes of Leicestershire
  • Centirobot; ‘The Naturalist’



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