Cryptops hortensis (Donovan, 1810)

Common name

Common Cryptops


GB IUCN status: Least Concern

ID Difficulty


This is the smallest Cryptops in Britain, rarely reaching 30 mm. However, it is easily confused with immature specimens of the larger C.anomalans and C.parisi. C.hortensis can be readily distinguished from all known species of Cryptops by the presence of a deep groove on the underside of the prefemur. Examination of the tibial and tarsal saw teeth of the last legs (which comprise widely spaced teeth in C.hortensis) will also differentiate the species.

Keith Lugg
J.P. Richards
J.P. Richards
J.P. Richards
Nicola Garnham
Nicola Garnham
Dawid Martyniuk

Distribution and Habitat

This species is common in most of England, Wales (and probably Ireland), but becomes increasingly scarce and coastal in Scotland.




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