Trichorhina tomentosa (Budde-Lund, 1893)


GB IUCN status: Not applicable (non-native)

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This is a small white species, reaching 5 mm in length, with eyes composed of a single black ommatidium.  It has a distinctive oval body outline and the entire body is clothed in short club-shaped spines.  Only females are known.

A description of this species, with figures, is given in Gregory (2014).

Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg

Distribution and Habitat

It has been widely recorded, including within heated glasshouse at Glasgow and Belfast Botanic Gardens, Eden Project, Cornwall, and also small enclosures, such as a heated Cockroach cage in Oxford and a heated reptile house in Somerset. Additional sites are reported by Gregory & Lugg (2020).

This species originates from tropical Central and South America, but has been introduced to glasshouses worldwide and is widely available as food for exotic pets.



Gregory, S. (2014) Woodlice (Isopoda: Oniscidea) from Eden Project, Cornwall, with descriptions of species new to Britain, and poorly known British species. Bulletin of the British Myriapod & Isopod Group 27: 3-26. 



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