BMG Bulletin Volume 14 (1998)

  • Editorial
  • Rationale for the inclusion of seven species of millipede on the UK biodiversity action plan - P.T. Harding download paper
  • New Irish Vice-county records for centipedes (Chilopoda) - M. Cawley download paper
  • A preliminary list of the myriapods of Orkney - A.D. Barber download paper
  • A description of Schendyla peyerimhoffi Brölemann and Ribaut (1911) - R. E. Jones download paper
  • The Latin names of British Centipedes - G. Craig Slawson download paper
  • Some comments on the Latin names of British Millipedes - C.A.W. Jeekel download paper
  • Lithobius forficatus (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) with highly abnormal features - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Errata download paper
  • Book review: Animals Under Logs and Stones by C.P. Wheater & H.J. Read - P. Smithers download paper



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