Cranogona dalensi Mauries, 1965

Common name

Beddau Beast




Another small white millipede (5-6 mm in length) that is similar in appearence to Brachychaeteuma melanops, but differs in the eye comprising 7-8 ocelli and the body bearing long stout curved setae (and therefore more similar to Typhlopsychrosoma sp., another recently discovered species).

A description, with figures, is given by Gregory, Owen & Spelda (2018).

Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg

Distribution and Habitat

Found by Christian Owen in December 2016 at a disused colliery site near Beddau in South Wales, where it has proved to be widespread and numerous among colliery spoil. 

An accont of its discovery is given by Gregory, Owen & Spelda (2018).


Gregory, S.J., Owen,C. & Spelda, J. (2018) Cranogona dalensi Mauriès, 1965 new for the UK from south Wales (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida: Anthogonidae).  Bulletin of the British Myriapod & Isopod Group 30: 39-47.