Marine Isopod Checklist

This check list is mostly based on E. Naylor & A. Brandt (2015) Intertidal Marine Isopods, Synopsis of the British Fauna (New Series), No. 3. The Linnean Society of London, FSC. The list includes a number of sublittoral isopods that may sometimes be encountered in the intertidal zone or in inshore waters but excludes strictly offshore species.

Nomenclature follows the current World List of Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Isopod Crustaceans (

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Marine Isopods of Britain and Ireland: systematic check list

Class Malacostraca
Order Isopoda
Suborder Cymothoida
Superfamily Cymothooidea
Family Gnathiidae
Family Cymothoidae
Superfamily Cirolanoidea
Family Cirolanidae
Superfamily Anthuroidea
Family Anthuridae
Superfamily Cryptoniscoidea
Family Cryptoniscidae
Family Hemioniscidae
Superfamily Bopyroidea
Family Bopyridae
Family Entoniscidae
Family Dajidae
Suborder Sphaeromatidea
Superfamily Sphaeromatoidea
Family Sphaeromatidae
Suborder Limnoriidea
Superfamily Limnorioidea
Family Limnoriidae
Suborder Valvifera
Family Idoteidae
Family Holognathidae
Family Arcturidae
Suborder Asellota
Superfamily Janiroidea
Family Janiridae
Family Munnidae
Family Joeropsididae

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