BMG Bulletin Volume 3 (1986)

  • Editorial
  • Centipedes obtained on the Conchological Society Expedition to Ireland, September/October 1984 - A.J. Rundle download paper
  • Poratia digitata, a new British hothouse millipede - J.G. Blower & A.J. Rundle download paper
  • Trachysphaera lobata (Ribault), a millipede new to Britain, from the Isle of Wight - R.E.Jones & A.N. Keay download paper
  • Predation and prey in Henia (Chaetechelyne) vesuviana (Newport) (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha) - A.N. Keay download paper
  • Some myriapods from Brittany - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Centipedes - Progress towards the provisional atlas and beyond - P.T. Harding download paper
  • Distribution and variation of the species of Brachychaeteuma occuring in Briatin and Ireland - J.G. Blower download paper



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