Eurydice affinis Hansen, 1905

ID Difficulty



Eurydice are small, fast-swimming predators and scavengers with oval bodies and elongated pleotelsons. The peduncle of the antenna has four segments, whilst the second segment of the antennule is at a right angle to the first. The body is off-white with various darker markings, and the eyes are prominent.

E. affinis differs from the much more common E. pulchra in being somewhat smaller on average (males up to 5 mm, females up to 6 mm) and in the dark markings being restricted to the dorsal surface. The most significant characteristics is that the coxal plates of pereon somites 6 and 7 are not extended into points, and this feature should be examined closely to confirm identification.

Distribution and Habitat

Found on sandy shores in the south-west and Wales amongst E. pulchra.



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