Nagurus cristatus (Dollfus, 1889)


GB IUCN status: Not applicable (non-native)

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A medium sized species (to 10 mm) with a yellowish and brownish longitudinal pattern on the dorsal surface. It has the general appearance of a slender immature Porcellio scaber, but differs in the shape of the head lobes, notably the medial lobe which bears a characteristic prominent central notch. It also has five pairs of pleopodal lungs. Only females are known (it is believed to be parthenogentic).

A description of this species, with figures, is given by Gregory (2014).

Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Steve Gregory
Steve Gregory

Distribution and Habitat

There are old records from Northumberland, but the only recent records are from Eden Project (Rainforest Biome), Cornwall (first recorded 2004; Gregory, 2014) and Birmingham Botanic Gardens (2017; Gregory & Lugg, 2020).

It is very widely distributed throughout the tropics and, as an introduction, inside glasshouses elsewhere.



Gregory, S. (2014) Woodlice (Isopoda: Oniscidea) from Eden Project, Cornwall, with descriptions of species new to Britain, and poorly known British species. Bulletin of the British Myriapod & Isopod Group 27: 3-26. 



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