BMG Bulletin Volume 9 (1993)

  • Editorial
  • Yorkshire Centipedes - D.T. Richardson download paper
  • Displacement of the male secondary sexual characters in Lithobius calcaratus of C.L. Koch and other species of Lithobius - E.H. Eason download paper
  • Vice County distribution of millipedes in the British Isles - R.E. Jones download paper
  • Vice county lists for centipedes - September 1992 - A.N. Keay download paper
  • Miscellanea:  Some notes on Cryptops anomalans; An unusual colour form for Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus; Scutigera coleoptrata in Hampshire and Suffolk; A few centipede records from Northern Ireland, Biology of Millipedes; The status of Lithobius micropodus Matic; Myriapods from Fair Isle; Millepattia  download paper
  • Architalitrus, our antipodean interloper - P. Smither & T. Barber download paper



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