BMG Bulletin Volume 8 (1992)

  • Editorial
  • 9th International Congress of Myriapodology, 1993
  • Myriapods from North Scotland - R.E. Jones download paper
  • A collection of Irish myriapods - R.E. Jones download paper
  • Pauropoda, the smallest myriapods - A.D. Barber, J.G. Blower & U. Scheller download paper
  • Lithobius lapidicola Meinert, 1872 in Britain - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Chalandea pinguis (Brölemann) in Britain and Southern Europe - A.D. Barber download paper
  • S.G. Brade-Birks (1887-1982), an appreciation and list of papers - F.P. Lusted download paper
  • Miscellanea: Warwickshire Myriapods; Isle of Man records; Of the Scolopendra and Gally worm download paper



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