BMIG Bulletin Volume 31 (2019)

Individual papers may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the links below. The entire Bulletin, including covers, may be downloaded from the link at the end of the list of contents.
Editorial download editorial                     
  • Cylindroiulus sagittarius (Brolemann, 1897) new for the UK (Diplopoda, Julida: Julidae) and a new host for Rickia laboulbenioides (Laboulbeniales) – Steve J. Gregory and Christian Owen  download here
  • The first record of the dwarf pill millipede Geoglomeris subterranea Verhoeff, 1908 in western Germany (Diplopoda, Glomerida) and the associated Myriapoda fauna of the Quirrenbach (Siebengebirge, NRW) – Thomas Wesener, Nils Behr and Leif Moritz  download here
  • Rickia laboulbenioides De Kesel (Laboulbeniales) on Cylindroiulus britannicus (Verhoeff) (Julida: Julidae) – Malcolm storey  download here
  • The latest on the oldest – Paul A. Selden  download here
  • First observation of filial cannibalism in Scolopendra cingulata Latreille, 1829 (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha: Scolopendridae) – David Cabanillas, Álvaro Albatros, Andrés García-Ruiz and Francisco Rodríguez-Luque  download here
  • Identification of Lithobius melanops (Newport) and Lithobius tricuspis (Meinert)  – A.D. Barber and Steve J. Gregory  download here
  • First record of Chaetophiloscia cellaria (Dollfus, 1884) from the Channel Islands (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Philosciidae) – Steve J. Gregory & Andy Marquis  download here
  • Observations on two woodlouse species (Isopoda; Oniscidea) new to North Wales: Metatrichoniscoides celticus Oliver & Trew, 1981 and Philoscia affinis Verhoeff, 1908 – Thomas D. Hughes  download here
  • Philoscia affinis Verhoeff, 1908 (Isopoda: Philosciidae) new to Ireland – Roy Anderson  download here
  • Armadillidium pulchellum (Zenker, 1798), a new record of pill woodlouse (Crustacea: Isopoda: Oniscidea) for the fauna of Belarus – Artsiom Ostrovsky  download here
Field meeting reports
  • Report of BMIG field meeting at Juniper Hall 2016 – Paul Lee, A.D. Barber & Steve J.Gregory  download here



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