BMIG Bulletin Volume 20 (2004)

  • Distribution of freshwater Isopoda in Britain and Ireland - P.T. Harding download here
  • Biological data on British centipedes from J.G. Blower - J.G.E. Lewis download here
  • Myriapod papers of R.S. Bagnall - A.D. Barber & Darren Mann download here
  • Myriapods as prey of the cave spider Meta menardi - P. Smithers download here
  • Woodlice on the Scottish islands of Bute, Islay and Mull - G.M. Collis & V.D. Collis download here
  • Myriapoda from Wester Ross and Skye - A.D. Barber download here
  • Myriapods on the outer Hebrides - G.B. Corbet download here
  • Haplophthalmus montivagus extended distribution - J. Harper download here
  • On some Myriapods new to Wales - J. Harper download here
Field meeting report
  • Derbyshire and south Yorkshire (2002) - P. Richards download here
Short communications: Interesting records download here
  • Haplophthalmus danicus further north in Fife - J. Harper
  • Buddelundiella cataractae inland in Wales - J. Harper
  • Further records of Geophilus carpophagus - P.F. Whitehead
  • Some interesting pauropod records - S.P. Hopkin
Short communications: Observations download here
  • A swarm of Cylindroiulus londinensis - A. Chater
  • An assemblage of Cryptops hortensis - P.F. Whitehead



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