BMIG Bulletin Volume 19 (2003)

  • J. Gordon Blower – Anamorphoses and anagrams – W. Dohle download here
  • Ted Eason, Gordon Blower and the CIM: Some personal reminiscences – J-J Geoffroy download
  • The contribution of J. Gordon Blower to the study of life cycles of millipedes – Erwin Meyer download
  • J. Gordon Blower as inspiration for local distribution mapping of millipedes: A personal view – Paul Richards download here
  • The present knowledge on the European fauna of Lithobiomorpha – Marzio Zapparoli download
  • Edward Holt Eason: His archives and collection in the Hope Entomological Collections – Darren Mann, James Hogan & Stella Brecknell download here
  • Some unpublished records of centipedes identified by Dr E.H.Eason – R.D.Kime download here
  • Water relations, habitat and size in lithobiomorph and geophilomorph centipedes- J.G.E.Lewis download here
  • Pachymerium ferruginium (C.L.Koch, 1835) – Two distinct forms in Crete? – Sylianos Simiakis & Moysis Mylonas download here
  • A new fossil scolopendromorph centipede from the Crato formation of Brazil – Federica Menon, David Penney, Paul A. Selden & David M. Martill download here
  • Fifty years of British myriapod studies: retrospect – Tony Barber download here
  • Ödön Tömösvary (1852-1884) pioneer of Hungarian myriapodology – Z. Korsós download here
  • Julus scandinavius - a poem – J. Gordon Blower download here



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