BMIG Bulletin Volume 18 (2002)

  • John Gordon Blower 1923-2001 - H. J. Read and list of publications download here
  • Myriapoda (Chilopoda and Diplopoda) and Isopoda from the Isle of Mull and associated islands, Scotland - D.A. Scott-Langley download here
  • Ecological and behavioural characteristics of Geophilus easoni Arthur et al. and G. carpophagus Leach - W. Arthur, J. Johnstone & Chris Kettle download here
  • Observations on the eggs and early post embyonic stages of Strigamia maritima - J. Johnstone & W. Arthur download here
  • Cylindroiulus salicivorus Verhoeff 1908: A millipede new to Britain - H. J. Read, G. Corbet & D. Jones download here
  • On blue geophilomorph centipedes with comments on other unusual coloration - J.G.E. Lewis download here
  • Notes on Lithobius piceus L. Koch 1862 new to Wales - J. Harper download here
  • Haplophthalmus montivagus Verhoeff 1941 New to Wales - J. Harper download here
  • Haplphthalmus danicus Budde-Lund 1880 in Scotland - J. Harper download here
Field meeting reports
Miscellanea - download here
  • The Dr Edward Eason collection; Boarded by centipedes



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