BMG Bulletin Volume 6 (1989)

  • Editorial
  • Lithobius tenebrosus Meinert from Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire - A.N. Keay download paper
  • On the two forms of Geophilus carpophagus in Somerset J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • Vice-county lists for centipedes, 1989 - A.N. Keay download paper
  • The Myriapoda of Gower - J.G. Blower download paper
  • Millipedes on the move: Invasion of a house in Cheshire by Tachypodoiulus niger and Julus scandinavius - H.J. Read & C.P. Wheater download paper
  • Miscellanea: Reduction in number of coxal pores in Lithobius variegatus; Brachygeophilus truncorum with 35 pairs of legs; A yellow mutant of Lithobius variegatus; Some Yorkshire rarities; A second British site for Pachymerium ferrugineum; Pachymerium ferrugineum again; A gynandromorphic specimen of Lithobius forficatus; Millipedes on blackberries download paper
  • Index to volumes 1-5 download Index



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