BMG Bulletin Volume 5 (1988)

  • Editorial
  • Tygarrup javanicus (Attems), a geophilomorph centipede new to the British Isles - J.G.E. Lewis & A.J. Rundle download paper
  • Centipedes and millipedes from Finistère, Brittany - J.G.E. Lewis & R.D. Kime download paper
  • Ecology and distribution in Lithobiomorph and Geophilomorph centipedes: Gleanings from the Seventh International Congress of Myriapodology 1987 - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • Recent records of Myriapods in South-West Wales - I.K. Morgan download paper
  • The life history of Chordeuma proximum Ribaut from a wood in Avon - H. Read download paper
  • Symphyla - The least studied of the most interesting soil animals - S.P. Hopkin & A.W. Roberts download paper
  • Consumed and egested fractions of leaf litter consumed in laboratory conditions by an isopod and three species of diplopod from a temperate forest ecosystem (Summary) - M.L Celerier & J-J. Geoffroy download paper
  • Miscellanea: Scolopendra subspinipes subspinipes in a case of bananas; Abnormal coxopleural teeth in Lithobius forficatus; Additional moult in Lithobius variegatus; An interesting myriapod site at Carlisle; Albino millipedes; Spider mimicking a millipede; Cannibalism in a lithobiid centipede; Blaniulus guttulatus - an unexpected carnivore; Minor field sports - Millipede racing download paper



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