BMG Bulletin Volume 12 (1996)

  • Editorial
  • Obituary - F.A. Turk 1911-1996
  • Anamastigona pulchellum Silvestri (Chordeumatida: Anthroleucosomatidae) an addition to the fauna of northern Europe, recorded from Ireland - R. Anderson
  • Haplopodoiulus spathifer (Brolemann, 1897) in southeast England: A millipede new to the British Isles - G.B. Corbet & R.E. Jones
  • Melogona voigti (Verhoeff) from the Lothians: A millipede new to the British Isles - G.B. Corbet
  • Anthogona britannica Mauriès and Polydesmus barberii Latzel in Devon: Millipedes new to the British Isles - D.E. Bolton & R.E. Jones
  • Poldesmus barberii Latzel and Anthogona britannica Mauriès in Devon - D.E. Bolton
  • Oxfordshire centipedes - S.J. Gregory
  • A key to the Lithobiomorph centipedes of Britain - A.D. Barber
  • The Latin names of British Millipedes - G.C. Slawson
  • Colin Peter Fairhurst (1942-1994): bibliography of works on Myriapoda - Compiled by P.T. Harding
  • Book review: Millipedes, centipedes and woodlice of the Sheffield are by P. Richards - A.D. Barber
  • Book review: An atlas of Oxfordshire Myriapoda: Diplopoda & Chilopoda by S.J. Gregory & J.M. Cambell - H.J. Read



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